Top 5 Travel Necessities You Must Carry

travel itemsGoing for a travel, packed your bags with everything that you need, but are you sure that you have packed everything that you need? Well, this may seem a stupid question, but it is a very logical and important thing. Packing your clothes and other things are not just enough for travel. There are many travel necessities that you still have to get properly for your travel. These necessary items are some small and commonly forgettable things that are extremely useful for travel. However, it is a fact that most of the people forget about 90% of such things. They regret later when they find important things missing from the bag.

Now, most of you must say that things you need to remember are your clothes, passport, credit cards and camera. Except these things you do not need anything else. These are the most common travel necessities that people think they need while traveling, but are you really sure there is nothing else you need. If you are not remembering anything yet, here, are five main travel necessities that you should never forget.

Money Belt:

Well this is one of the most common mistakes that people do not take their money belt with them. Most of you may not consider it an important part of your travel, but are you pretty sure that you do not need it. If you are visiting a new area that is completely unknown to you, it becomes very important to stay away from the robbers. Money belts keep them away. At least, they cannot rob you because your important things like credit card, passport and money are hidden inside clothes.

Ear plugs:

According to most of the travelers, ear plugs are one of the most common travel necessities. Forgetting them can be really awful for you. You do not need to forget them. Getting good nap during a travel is really incomplete without ear plugs, and this is the most common thing that you should never forget.

Hand wash:

Well, it is really not a joke that you should keep a good hand wash with you while traveling. It is not that you will find a good place for laundry or washing. You may need it. This is not a heavy thing that can cause problem to you. It is rather time thing that you can easily carry, but it is easily forgettable. Try not to forget it, and make sure you keep it always.


If you are going on a travel to a location near the equator, it becomes important to have a sunscreen lotion with you. It is not always useful, but in such places, you should always take it with you.

Travel alarm clock:

This is also important to have a travel alarm clock with you. This will help you get everything in time. You will not be late for flight, train or bus. This way, your journey will be smooth and without worries. Make sure to pack it too.

Ruby Barnes

An enthusiastic travel blogger.