Jamaica Travel Tips To Heighten Your Vacation

beach-jamaicaJamaica is officially classified as a developing nation. This particular country has 14 subdivisions that are known as parishes. Among the Caribbean countries Jamaica is indeed the island where English language is largely spoken. According to the Jamaica tourism board, a million people and above often visits Jamaica annually. The country is rich in culture as well as history hence, it is a place that we should try as much to visit even if it is ones in a lifetime. Jamaica travel tips are very necessary whenever one has opted to visit this beautiful Caribbean island. This is attributed to the fact that there is unique aspect in Jamaica that for sure necessitates some Jamaica travel tips.

Visit During Off Season

Due to high influx of tourist in Jamaica it is both economical as well as valuable to go there during the off season. This is the only way that you will get to enjoy the great sensation of this country. Any time between mid-April and also mid-December is the perfect time to cruise or fly to Jamaica. During this time, the hotels even less by 50 percent, during these time you also get to save yourself from the bad weather that tend to creep in between June and November. The temperature however, tends to be consistent all through the year. One thing that is common during off season is that a lot of hotels ted to carry out renovation. Hence, it will be appropriate for you to first contact them either through a phone call or email if they will do doing some renovation during that time that you intend to visit.

Observe some Native Etiquette

This is one of the most amazing Jamaica travel tips because you will come across some social aspects that you might find strange. As much as it can be usual to interact with Jamaicans, some courtesies will indeed be in order. For example, when meeting someone it is good to make eye contact, smile and also offer a handshake that is firm. It is good practices to use titles like Mr. or Mrs. when talking to a person. Nevertheless, you can refer someone by name if they have given you a go ahead to do so. Discussing religion matters is something that is openly scowled upon in most countries, but in Jamaica this is norm hence, don’t get offended when hear people cite verses from the Bible in their conversation. This could be attributed to the fact that, Jamaica is predominantly Christian.

Crossing the Street cautiously

There are no crosswalks for pedestrian in Jamaica, and drivers tend not to accord pedestrians the right of way. There have been numerous incidents where pedestrian have been killed in a scenario where one car allow the pedestrian while others just passes.

Avoid Driving

Unless you are used to driving on the left, then you should completely avoid driving.  Jamaican drive of the left on poorly paved streets. Breakdown assistance is also scarce and may not even be available in rural places. The state department commends the use of taxis if you are a visitor to avoid fatalities. Nonetheless, it is only those taxis that are recommended by the hotel that you intend to stay at.

Stay Safe

Crime is a core problem in Jamaica especially in towns like Montego Bay and Kingston. The advice from the state department is that one should take good care of their personal belongings and stay vigil of their surroundings. For Gay tourists, Jamaica is a no go zone because of the strong anti-gay sentiments held by the government as well as the locals.  The best part is that the gay community has been warned publicly by the executive director of their association against traveling to Jamaica.

Ruby Barnes

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