Hawaii Airlines

‘Hawaii airlines’ employs great staff to deliver world class service to its passengers. You will enjoy the great experience with Hawaiian Airlines as you approach the customer service team. As a matter of fact, Hawaii Airlines were founded in 1929. Honolulu airport is its main hub. It is one of the major airline companies in the US and it ranks 11th in terms of commercial operations in the US. Even though it was initiated as inter-island in the beginning it operates flights to various countries as well including Japan, Philippines and Australia. Hawaii Airlines have placed its headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Hawaii Airlines strength

With more than 4000 employees in its payroll, Hawaiian Airlines has more than 190 flight schedules per day. You can book your flight ticket through online on round the clock basis. If you subscribe to alerts through email address, you will get all the information that you need to know about Hawaii Airlines. You will get all important alerts so that you can make the most from airlines. To know more about Hawaii Airlines, you can visit the official site where you will be exposed to the fleet of services and facilities available with Hawaiian Airlines.


In order to attract customers, Hawaii Airlines implement lots of offers. The route map posted on the official website will let you plan your trip quite easily. It is possible to find the shortest possible distance through the website which helps you save time and money. You can call the Hawaii Airlines customer support number to get clarification or information on travel related issues. In addition to the flight booking service, you can undertake various value added services from the official Hawaii Airlines website which includes hotel reservation, car rentals, trip planners and travel guides.

Advantages for staff

Hawaii Airlines offer great career opportunities to its staff. The pay package includes medical facilities, medical leave, dental plan, floating holidays, vacation, travel benefits and employee assistance program. Depending on the position that you enjoy in the Hawaiian Airlines, you will various travel related benefits. There is possibility to avail family passes which will let you have great holidays throughout out the year and you can explore great destinations.

World class services

Hawaii Airlines have tie-ups with other airline service providers so that you can have extended facilities. As a passenger on Hawaiian Airlines, you will get access to beverages on all flights. You cannot avail meals if the duration of flight journey is very short. For example, the inter island journey will be less than 40 minutes and there is no requirement for provision of meals on such flights. Due to heavy competition the dining facilities are withdrawn by a number of airlines. However, Hawaii Airlines caters passengers in a special way and it is a great gesture to retain its customers and to show the difference to the world. There is the largest fleet of flights to cater the training of pilots and to meet the expectations of passengers. As a regular customer, you can join in various kinds of programs to make the most of Hawaii Airlines.

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