Travelling Abroad Alone: Know-how?

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travelling abroad alone tips

Travelling Abroad Alone: Know-how:- Travelling abroad alone may appear to be a tough job if you are someone planning to do it for the first time.  But, the fact is that it comes up with great advantages.  The only requirement is that you should give utmost priority to your personal safety.  Either you are planning to enjoy a vacation or going for a business trip, the following tips are sure to be of advantage to you.

 Make use of your common sense

Travelling abroad alone would never put you in trouble if you follow the generally followed safety measures for an enjoyable travel.  Take care to ensure that you keep in touch with your friends and family all through the trip.  Leaving a copy of your important documents like passport, your travel plan and all the details of your accommodation would be of great advantage to you.

Ensure a safe accommodation:

If you are a woman travelling abroad alone, make sure that you are able to get to your destination during the daytime.  This would help you to ensure that you are able to find out a good accommodation in the day avoiding the possibilities of travelling alone through the streets in the night.  You should opt for an accommodation where transportation is not an issue.  Your room should have windows and doors with locks in good condition.  It should also feature a good telephone.


 Do not advertise the information that you are travelling abroad alone:

While travelling alone, it is highly recommended that you should not disclose the information to your fellow travelers.  If it happens that you are making use of the system which allows you to check the menu before ordering, take care not to publish your personal information.  Do not reveal your first name and the name of those who are staying with you.


Go for the floors from 3-7 of a hotel while searching for an accommodation:

Experience informs us that the first and second floors are the favorite spots of the intruders in general.  Opting for a room on the 7th floor may create a slight difficulty in getting help from firefighters in an emergency situation.

Take care to keep your cell phone always on.  Keeping a list of important contacts of the area would go a long way in helping you if you face any difficult situation.

Appear calm and confident:

This is a must-have if you do not wish to be an easy victim while travelling abroad alone.  Appearing confused would invite unnecessary attention.  If it happens that you find it difficult to know directions, approach the nearby store or restaurant to get help.

travelling abroad alone for the first time

Benefits of travelling abroad alone

Going abroad alone is sure to be an experience which would be there in your memory for a long time.  When you are alone, you tend to be more sociable in comparison to travelling in the company of friends and relatives.  This creates a favorable condition for utmost safety because when it becomes clear that you are alone, others would definitely find you more friendly.  They would be more than happy to assist you in every possible way.

Be free, take care of your safety and have the time alone while travelling abroad alone.

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