Train Travel in Europe

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train travel in europe

If you are a visitor to the Europe from the US, you are sure to witness a pleasant contradiction of your notion about train travel.  This happens because train travel in Europe is cost-effective, energy efficient and comfortable in comparison to the same in the United States.

Besides, Europe is a densely populated continent and the train services there are punctual and fast at the same time.  Following are the factors which make train travel in Europe more viable when compared with other modes of transportation.


Unlike the trains in the North America, the rail service in Europe is known for its affordability, comfort and punctuality.  The rail network of Europe serves more than 100,000 miles and offers great flexibility when it comes to determining your destination.  If you are able to plan your trip well in advance, train travel in Europe is excellent when it comes to saving time.  While access to an air port in Europe tends to be time-consuming, access to a railway station is quite easy.  You would be able to see at least one railway station inside or near every major city in the continent.  Besides, getting through the security checkups in a European airport is a time-consuming process in the Europe.  This is faster and easier when it comes to European rail services.

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Energy efficiency

If you are someone who wishes to protect the environment, your choice mode of transportation in Europe would definitely be trains.  The fuel consumption by the rail networks in Europe is seventeen times lower in comparison to air planes.  And, the interesting fact is that train travel in Europe seldom suffers delays caused by extreme weather.

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Cost-effectiveness train travel in Europe

If you are able to buy your train ticket well in advance, you can save huge.  For instance, buying a one-way ticket from Paris to Venice ninety days in advance would help you save almost one-third of the price of a last-minute booking of the same.  A search online would come up with great websites capable of offering you price comparisons which would definitely be of advantage to you.

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When it comes to comforts, even the basic reservation would entitle you to the amenities like reclining seats equipped with built-in video screens and audio systems.  You are also offered access to the Internet in most of the trains in Europe.

Specialty train travel in Europe

If you are someone who don’t mind spending a bit for luxury, specialty trains is an option worth considering.   Being a great combination of glamour and romance, your trip in a specialty train would allow you to step back in time and enjoy the beauty of the bygone eras.  A journey in the most reputed railway network, the trans-Siberian railway would be an experience you are going to cherish all your life.  For six days, you would be transported to another world travelling through the deserts of Siberia and through the Gobi deserts.  The journey in Bernina Express, the train through the highest rail crossing in the Mount Alps too is an experience no visitor can afford to miss.

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If you take care to book your ticket well in advance, you are sure to be one among the millions who declare, train travel in Europe is much comfortable in comparison with all other modes of transportation available therein.

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