Northwest-Airline Info – What You Need to Know

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northwest airlines baggage informationFor one to have sufficient Northwest airline info, it will be necessary to trace the root of this airline giant. It’s by understanding the history of the company that one can claim to have Northwest airline info that is comprehensible.

Early History

Northwest airline was founded by Colonel Lewis Brittin in the year 1926. At the initial stages, the airline only had open cock-pit aircrafts that they used to ferry mail from Twin Cities to Chicago. It was in 1927 that the company launched the first if its passenger flight to Chicago.  Along the way, the plane had to stop at Madison, Milwaukee and Lacrosse among other destinations. Northwest launched plane flying from Minneapolis to Tokyo. After a series of success from the expansion Northwest airline changed its name to Northwest Orient Airlines nevertheless, the corporate name was still maintained. These are very crucial Northwest airline info that both the public as well as the would-be investors ought to know. The headquarters was further relocated to the Twin Cities in the year 1929.

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Becoming Transcontinental

During the early stages of Northwest Airlines, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) used to control the aviation routes.  And in the year 1933, Northwest Airlines was awarded the Northern transcontinental Route by the FAA. The route encompasses Seattle, Washington as well as New York City. This route saw the company offer additional services to those communities that lived in North Dakota, Idaho, Montana, and Washington. Along this transcontinental route there were also feeder routes that ended at Cities something that saw the company expand its operation further.

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Bankruptcy and Merger

This is yet another important Northwest airline info that should be noted. Besides the fact that, the company was stable and profitable for a good number of years, the depression in that faced the airline industry shook the company resulting into series of financial problems. In 1986 after going through unprofitable times the company opted to purchase Republican Airlines, one of their regional competitors hoping that it will help solve the financial crisis. This however, just compounded the problem given the economic conditions during that time. This airline company was the first one to ban smoking while in the plane; this was perhaps precipitated by the numerous cases of pilots flying when drunk. Northwest airline info indeed shows why this airline has been an industry leader in the flight industry.  The September 11 2001 attack also contributed to the depression that faced the aviation industry during that time. In 2005, for the first time in the history of Northwest Airlines, the corporation filed a bankruptcy protection. They emerged from the protection in the year 2007 and combined with Delta airlines a year later. The merger however, was not simple as several factors had to be deliberated on well enough to avoid further misunderstandings from occurring in the future.  The prolonged negotiation saw Northernwest Airlines continue using its name for quite a number of years under the merger. It is in the year 2012 that the two companies started flying under the Delta Banner.

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The Northwest airline info provided above is just a sneak preview of the company there is indeed much more that one can get from sources like the internet.


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