New York City Attraction – A Glamorous Tourist Terminus

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A tourist delight is the name that most people used to describe the city of New York. It is one among the many cosmopolitan Cities in the world. It offers a wide array subjects that quench the interest and the likings of many people. The term New York City Attraction is indeed a familiar term to those who are living in that city as well as those who have visited the place. This is attributed to the fact that there are quite a number of brilliant forms of attraction that one can enjoy.

New York City is divided into five regions and these are Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Brooklyn. These attractions astound tourists to the extent that most of them visit the city again. There are quite a number of aspects that come up when you mention the term New York City Attraction. Some of these aspects include

The Statue of Liberty

Any tourist cannot make a trip to New York City without visiting this particular iconic structure. It is indeed a popular attraction feature among the many that you will find in New York City. Officially the statue is known as Liberty Enlightening the World. It is made of bronze; the French gave it to the United State way back in the 1885 to symbolize freedom. It basically marked the Independence of the America. It stands at the island of Liberty in Hudson’s River mouth at the harbor of New York. It gives a welcoming gesture to those visitors who arrive in New York through the boat. This New York City Attraction feature displays America’s values and thus, it something that any visitor to the United State of America should not york city attractions map

Madison Square Gardens

This particular square is at times known as “The world’s most famous Arena”. This 20,000 seat-arena is situated at the Pennsylvania station along the 7th avenue that is between the 31st and the 33rd streets respectively. This humongous attraction feature was built in the year 1968 and is home to a number of sports team such as New York liberty basketball teams, New York Knicks, and New York Rangers hockey team. More over this New York City Attraction aspect host 600 plus events annually. The events range from different divides of life.

Brooklyn Bridge

This New York City Attraction feature is as a matter of fact the most noticeable landmarks in the City of New York. This 6016 feet bridge is the oldest suspension bridge to ever be built in America. This attraction facet links Brooklyn districts and Manhattan via East river. It took the constructors 14 years to complete this suspension bridge that was opened in the year 1883.

America Museum As a New York City Attraction facet

new york city attractions for familiesThis yet another one of the numerous New York City Attraction features which has attracted world renowned research scientists in its entire history. It is indeed a delight of the young and old alike. In addition to the above mentioned this city certainly has more to offer.

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