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Southwest Airline Info

Just like any other airline, Southwest Airlines also has information that the public as well as potential investors may find helpful. Getting sufficient Southwest airline info should not be a hassle. This airline company was founded by two partners namely Herb Kelleher and Rollin King. It is pretty a young airline given that it only began its operation in 1971. The company began in Texas and that is where its headquarters is still based. The airline began its Interstate service in the year 1979, and New Orleans was its first destination. One of the Southwest airline info that would be sweet news to the stakeholders as well as those who intend to be is that in 1989, the company hit 1 billion dollar revenue mark. Southwest airlines have indeed experienced tremendous growth catering for 66 cities right in the United States of America using 500 aircrafts and more.


Most of the company’s planes are Boeing of model 737-700, this models carries 137 passengers. Out of each aircrafts Southwest Airlines get to use them for 11 years on average. Each flight in the fleet spends at least 10 hours every day in the space. This Southwest airline info shows you how organized the company is.

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Some of the most common destination of the company’s flights includes Chicago, Las Vegas, Baltimore/Washington, and Phoenix among others. Southwest airline info about flight destinations is very important as you will get to know if the airline has a flight to your intended destination.

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In-flight Amenities

Passengers aboard Southwest Airlines are offered a wide array of snacks and also a whole bunch of complimentary items. To wine loves, there is some good Southwest airline info, the airlines serves a wide array of liquor, beer, and wine aboard. However, for alcoholic beverages one has to pay. Cash of course is not accepted in the flight, you can pay for the alcoholic beverage either through Southwest Airlines coupons or a credit card.

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Loyalty Program

There are several reward programs that the company offers to passengers. You get to earn points which could easily earn you a free flight to stipulated destinations. This particular program is called Rapid Reward. Members also get to earn rewards through the company’s chosen partners on aspects such as shopping, car rentals, restaurant and hotels among others. This is yet another Southwest airline info that you should never let to pass.

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A passenger is only allowed two bags for free in addition to carry-on luggage. The bags are supposed to be 62 inches and not more than 50 pounds. Any luggage that is oversize attracts a charge of $50. Passenger having more than two bags must pay $50 for each of the bag to the ninth bag. Any bag after the ninth one attracts $100 for every bag.

Pet Policy

The airlines allow pets, that is cats and dogs who have been vaccinated.  Nonetheless, they must be put in a cage that enhances their breathing and also be able to move freely. There is however, some fee that you will be charged.

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