Flying with a Dog: Get the best insight!

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flying with a dog in cabin

Flying with a Dog: Get the best insight:- There are three main factors which motivate dog owners to fly with a dog.  Firstly, they want their dog to accompany them on their vacation.  Secondly, they may be planning to participate in the events like dog shows.  Thirdly, they may be trying to relocate which makes it quite natural to want their dog to accompany them.  Whatever is the option, flying with a dog tends to be a difficult job.

Cabins or cargos

If you are someone trying to fly with a dog, you have only two options, a traveler cabin or a cargo.  Here too, you are required to abide by stringent conditions to be allowed to fly with a dog.  This implies that a dog should be small enough to be fitted into an average-sized carrier.  The size of the carrier differs from airliner to airliner.  Even this becomes possible only when your dog is more than eight weeks old.  And, you are required to pay an additional sum of approximately $75 for the same.

flying with a dog

If yours is a dog of a medium or large size, you have only one option left, the cargo.  This area, located just below the cabin remains inaccessible to travelers during the flight.  Despite all the safety measures like proper ventilation, the dark chambers of cargo may prove fatal for a dog because of the unpredictable nature of the weather.  This happens due to the fact that dogs and baggage are treated in the same way during the flight.  This has created a situation where some of the commercial airliners recommend buying liability insurance for your pet.  Some of them even suggest a health check up before someone is offered the facility of flying with a dog.  The ideal option is to contact the airliner of your choice while planning for your trip.

flying with a dog united

If yours is a service dog or a guide dog, you would not face any trouble flying with a dog irrespective of its size, breed or age.  This requires that the dog should be there next to you.  Even though a kennel is not a must-have, the dog should be harnessed in order to be allowed to be with you in your flight.  The same applies to the dogs used by the law enforcement organizations or those used for rescue operations.

Available alternatives flying with a dog

If you feel that flying with a dog is a herculean task with the generally available options, there are two alternatives you can ponder upon.  There are some airliners which operate chartered flights which allow travelers to fly with their dogs.   However, this option may appear to be a bit expensive.  Even a short trip would cost you thousands of dollars.

flying with a dog on southwest

And, the other available alternative is in the planning stage.  Here, the dog would be travelling in a caveat, at the back of the cabin.  However, you may have to wait for some time to enjoy this facility.  The company which is planning to offer you the facility requires private funding for the purpose.  The campaign is on its way.

flying with a dog on delta

Irrespective of the options available, flying with a dog requires that you should be ready to spend a considerable amount for your pet.


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