Conquering my fear of flying

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Conquering my fear of flying:- There are numerous cases of fear of flying. It’s not easy to overcome any phobia. The two main phobias that lead to fear of flying are aviophobia and claustrophobia. In today’s world it’s hard for anyone to avoid air journeys, at some point you have to catch a flight whether it’s for a business trip, holidays or to see a friend. To it is wiser to face your fear and try to conquer it rather than running away from it.



From the moment you get on the plane, you may start feeling unwell if you are scared of flying. Dizziness, sweating, hypertension, nausea are the common symptoms. In many cases passengers even lose sense when the plane starts to take off.

When we get scared the body releases adrenaline (a type of hormone) which increases the heart rate so our blood pressure accelerates to supply oxygen to every parts of the body. When blood supply reaches to other parts of the body our finger and toes get cold.

The common symptoms of this fear

Worrying about the worst possibilities. Being unable to stop thinking about the ‘What Ifs’

Feeling claustrophobic when the plane starts moving

Get anxious after hearing the noises of departure or landing of the pane

Acceleration of heart rate when the plane is about to take off

Problem of breathing while flying.

How to Conquer

It’s very important to overcome your fear of flying unless you are going to miss a lot of wonderful journeys! To do so, the first step is to understand the origin of your fear. If it was a childhood memory or a scene from a movie or any recent news of plane crashing that lead you to have this fear. Once you found the trigger it would be easy for you to deal with it.

The things that you can try yourself to conquer your fear-

Meditation: It may help to calm you down and focus on your purpose of flying rather than your fear.

Breathing: The fear of flying may cause rapid breathing. It’s a major symptom seen among many. It’s important to control your breathing in such circumstances. The remedy is that you breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. After doing this couple of times you will feel better.

Consult: Consult with your Doctor about your fear. Alcohol or drugs which are not prescribed by your doctor may lead you to greater misery.

Other Entertainment: Keep things like books, MP3 players, magazines to distract you.

Meal: Take nutritious meal before your flight, it would keep you calm you’ll feel sleepy during your journey. Avoid sweet foods as it may stimulate you.

Airline courses: In many countries airlines run many courses for their passengers to overcome the fear of flight. In this courses they let their passengers know about the technical parts of a plane, why, where and when the machines make noises. And you can feel free to talk to the pilot of your plane before or during the flight to answer you ‘What Ifs’

Statistics show that it’s 261 times better to fly than to travel via road. So it is high time you uprooted this irrational fear. Feel free to fly!

Conquering my fear of flying

Fear of flying

Fear of flying

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