Best Places to Scuba Dive: Who wants to know

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Best Places to Scuba Dive

Best Places to Scuba Dive

Whether you want to see coral reefs of every color, explore shipwrecks or make friends with the numerous exotic animals beneath, scuba diving provides a great way to experience the underwater world. If you’re ready to take the plunge, then here are some of the best places to scuba dive.

Barracuda Point, Malaysia

Barracuda Point is located on the North Eastern part of Sipadan Island, Malaysia, just 5 minutes boat ride from the beach. With fish streaming along like traffic, diving in Barracuda Point can be an intimidating experience, especially for newcomers. During those chaotic moments, you may find yourself at the center of a huge tornado, while hammerhead sharks are cruising by. It’s a home to the wonderful and weird, so expect to see hundreds of jackfish swimming in swirling balls, 3-meter sea turtles, as well as strange-looking eerie batfish.

Gordon Rocks, Ecuador

Gordon Rocks is located just one-hour boat ride from Santa Cruz Island. The current and surge in this place can very strong, so come prepared. However, on the positive side, that means all the marine animals are directed to your path. In this place, you’ll find so many fur seals, sea lions and hammerhead sharks that you’ll probably forget the tropical fish, marine tortoises and manta rays all around you.

Tubbataha, Philippines

Tubbataha is located 182 kilometers, south of Palawan in the Phillipines. Everything in this place comes in super-size forms, thanks to its exceptionally clean water that allows marine life to live longer and grow to incredible proportions. It has two small reefs in the middle of the ocean, offering an inner lagoon with slopes, crevices, overhangs, caves and over 400 different types of fish and corals. Expect to see black tip reef sharks, scorpion fish, nurse sharks, boxfish and many more.

Silfra, Iceland

Located in Pingvellir, Iceland, Silfra is the only place in the world, where you get to swim across two continents – Europe and North America. From above, it looks like any other lake, but when you take a plunge in the water, you’ll find yourself hovering in the gap where 2 tectonic plates meet. Make your way through the super cold water (-4 C) in the gap, and you’ll find yourself in a 600-meter cave with unmatched visibility.
In the other direction, expect to find what locals call the toilet – a 16-meter small tunnel where divers must descend with their heads down first through the narrow passage. There’s also a Silfra Hall, on the other side, filled with protruding rocks and overhead boulders. The clear view of 120-meter lagoon will make your jaw drop, as you explore the marine life below. The water is very pure too, so don’t hesitate to take a sip to quench your thirst.

Kailua Kona, United States

Finally, if you want a more memorable, yet bizarre scuba diving experience, then consider visiting Kailua Kona, in Hawaii, United States. Some divers connected lights on the ocean bed, years ago, which attracted light-seeking plankton. So expect to see huge manta rays (20-feet wide and up to 3000 pounds), sucking up the plankton around you as you dive through the water.
Make an effort to visit the above scuba diving spots, and get to enjoy the best of the underwater world.

Best Places to Scuba Dive photos

Best Places to Scuba Dive - Hawaii

Best Places to Scuba Dive – Hawaii

Best Places to Scuba Dive

Best Places to Scuba Dive

Best Places to Scuba Dive photos and article

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