Best Cities to Visit in Europe

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cities to visit in europe in summer

Best Cities to Visit in Europe:- A continent comprising fifty-two countries as per the UN Geographical statistics, Europe is a perfect location to spend an exciting vacation.  And, the attempt to prepare the list of best cities to visit in Europe is sure to be a miserable failure.  Every single city with a good reputation in Europe comes up with its own unique culture and history.

London one of best cities to visit in Europe

If the desire to get to know a city with a glorious past is what motivates you for a vacation, London is sure to be your first stop.  The parliament houses, Big Ben, London Eye and the Buckingham Palace are just a few of the innumerable enchantments this great city has in store for you.

cities to visit in europe in july

A journey in the double-decker bus, the variety of the cuisines and the shows here would definitely make your time here something to cherish all your life.  When it comes to accommodation, the search for excellence of quality and high standards of service would take you to Connaught.  This luxurious hotel is renowned for epitomizing the highly-valued English hospitality and the varieties of the dishes offered here.


Known as the city of lights, Paris enjoys the reputation of being the fashion capital of the world.  And, the best way to have an idea into the locations to spend time is to explore a Google map of the area.  If you are someone with a passion for arts, exploring the left banks of the river Seine is an ideal option to ponder upon.  The area abounds in great monuments like Hotel de Villa, Notre Dame Cathedral etc.  A desire to enjoy a great shopping experience and to get acquainted with the attractions like Eiffel Tower would lead you to the right bank of the river.  The destinations like the Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe, Tuileries Gardens etc are enchantments a tourist can never afford to miss.

cities to visit in europe in winter


The home for up to 7000 historical monuments, Amsterdam derives its name from the usage Amstel dam which means a dam on the river Amstel.  This city is decorated with beautiful canals which are scattered all over the region.  An idle walk along the streets itself would make your time spent here a memorable one.  Truly, the “Venice of north” is a perfect location for anyone who wishes to see nature decorated in its full splendor.

cities to visit in europe in october


The capital of Spain, Barcelona is known for its dearth of options with regard to study centers.  This is also a true paradise for students who wish to enjoy the latest trends of the fashion.   The area abounds in eateries and cafes designed with the happy, go-lucky visitors to the city.  And, the talents of those who earn a livelihood by entertaining everyone who comes there would be something powerful enough to make your time in here an occasion to cherish all through your life.

Cities to Visit in Europe

As mentioned above, it is practically impossible to prepare an exhaustive list of the best cities to visit in Europe.  Whatever is your interest, Europe has a plethora of options in store for you.

Just determine that this is not the last time you would be visiting Europe.  This would help you to feel relaxed in preparing a list of the best cities to visit in Europe.

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