Beautiful Holiday Spots In London

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Beautiful Holiday Spots In London

Beautiful Holiday Spots In London:- London has long been known as one of the more memorable locations for a city break, with a wide range and variety of hospitality centers from fine restaurants and riotous pubs to a rich collection of theatres and classical performances from some of the greatest professionals in the business, a generous collection of entertainment opportunities for visitors of all ages and interests, foreign or local.

Along with a mass of hospitable people, London will offer some of the following grand tourist spots to visitors:

The London Eye – The London eye is basically one giant wheel with several capsules attached to its ring, the size of which is such that, at its greatest height, one is endowed with access to one of London’s most panoramic views, a sight that visitors in the hundreds of thousands if not millions will flock to London every year just to have a go at this life changing experience. Neighboring the river Thames it has become an ordinary site to find entire lines of people waiting to access the magnificent structure.

Westminster Abby – This historic structure is a powerful reminder of the some of the empire’s greatest wars of old, and has come to associate itself with a myriad of famous names, poets, playwrights, politicians, many of which have chosen to have their last rites at this gothic landmark, including the likes of Charles Dickens. Beyond its popularity for weddings and funerals, Westminster Abby has a special place in London’s history.

The Tower of London – The tower of London was built by William the conqueror nearly one thousand years ago, as a special place for king and queen, in a time when the empire’s power was rising, providing shelter and a home for some of the most important persons in Britain during times of war. Many tourists flock to the site to experience a touch of history.

The Globe theatre – The cylindrical thatch roofed globe theatre was constructed by William Shakespeare in 1598, going on to meet doom in its destruction, only to rise once again in later years. A home of literary professionals, the theatre is home to a variety of manuscripts and plays, scribing some of the historical occasions and events that have taken place within its confines.

The British Museum – The museum stands tall as London’s greatest attraction for cultural enthusiasts, housing a variety of art works of all forms, reflecting history and culture in Britain and those ties it has fostered outside its borders.

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Buckingham Palace – though personal royal quarters are off limits, a visit to the palace will allow one a glimpse of the rich interior and exotic decorum among which the royal family of Britain live. Open to visitors in August and September, the palace houses a variety of other attractions such as museums and galleries, making the visit all the more satisfying.

London isn’t merely blessed with a wide range of attractions; there is an added advantage of convenience and access. All one has to do is make some National rail enquiries and, for a small fee they will suddenly find themselves access to each and every corner of this wondrous city.


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