5 Travel Purses Must-haves for the Frequent Lady Traveler

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One good thing with the modern travel purses nowadays is that many of them are extravagantly-sized. Bag totes and bags are preferred by women as their carry or day purses, giving them enough space to put in their travel essentials.

If you are always hopping from one place to another, here are some basic travel purses’ must-haves that can allow you to travel in style, convenience and comfort…

1. Toiletries Bag

Make sure that you always have a compact toiletries bag on your purse, so you can always have the option to freshen up even on the road or in a far away hotel. Transfer your favorite shampoos, soaps and lotions to smaller bottles and containers. Consider toiletries travel purses that are clear, waterproof and organized.

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2. Makeup Kit

You do not want to get caught looking drab and pale after hours of flight. Be always ready to do some retouches if you have a makeup kit with the basic cosmetics: a lipstick, lip gloss, a concealer, a mascara and a small bottle of your favorite perfume.

3. Eye Mask and Earplugs

For ladies who find flying a bit uncomfy, be sure to have eye masks and ear plugs always in travel purses. Fly in comfort with ear plugs and sleep on the plane with an eye mask. That way, you never have to dread flying.

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4. Digital Camera

Do away with the bulky camera and put your small digicam in your purse. Modern travel purses can have safe compartments so gadgets like iPods and cameras are kept secure on the go. After all, you would want to be always ready to capture great memories on your trip.

5. Document/Cash Wallet

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It would be travel-smart not to use your usual wallet for trips. A regular-day wallet can be too big and complicated. It is best to have a small but spacious wallet that can hold your important travel documents (and cash!) like passports, credit cards and health cards. Choose those that can be kept secure in travel purses, but also have the flexibility of transforming into a smaller purse you can bring with you on your body.

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